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Concerti Corti: Transforming Cultural Access

The first edition of the Concerti Corti cultural festival, founded by renowned Salzburg violinist Benjamin Herzl, takes place in Flachgau, Salzburg, from June 9 to 12, 2023. The festival commemorates the 30th anniversary of the death and 90th birthday of director and radio artist Axel Corti. Concerti Corti not only pays homage to Corti’s multifaceted oeuvre but also establishes itself as an important cultural event in Austria.

“The special is, after all, the most general characteristic of Axel Corti.”
Gerd Bacher

Axel Corti held a deep connection to the composer’s music, which frequently appears in his films. The festival’s lineup, showcasing an artistic focus on Franz Schubert’s chamber music that runs through the entire program, attracts both artists and audiences. In 2023, the festival’s artistic quality is elevated through the participation of esteemed actors and companions of Corti, including Peter Simonischek, Cecily Corti, and Friedrich von Thun, who share personal experiences and memories as interlocutors. While the Pavel Haas Quartet and baritone Rafael Fingerlos may not have direct personal connections with Corti, their involvement as conversational partners significantly enhances the event’s overall excellence.

The collaboration with the Silent Night Museum Arnsdorf and Das Kino Salzburg, along with the presentation of Featured Composer Gerald Resch, expands the cultural reach of the festival. These partnerships demonstrate the festival’s commitment to fostering connections between various art forms and audiences.

keyper, a supporting partner of the festival, plays a crucial role in ensuring the event’s success. By providing the hosting and ticketing solution, keyper helps make the festival accessible to a wider audience. In a bold departure from traditional ticketing practices, Concerti Corti allows attendees to determine the value of their own tickets, eliminating outdated categories that often exclude or discourage visitors.

“In all my work, I have always been concerned with people. That is, I have tried to get to the bottom of all things that move people.”

Axel Corti

The innovative ticketing approach not only democratizes access to the festival but also generates substantial support for the event’s future editions. Concerti Corti becomes an inspiring model for other cultural events, promoting the importance of culture, artistic diversity, and the connection between different art forms and audiences.

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