Thinking and working with the future is one of the main focuses of our business

No one can run a business today without thinking about the future and asking questions about the future.
What brings the future to your business? What chances are there? What scenarios can you expect? What future do you want for your business? What am I doing now to help shape the future?
For this, we use think tanks such as the future games to get into action now.

Future Games 2050 - The think tank for shaping the future

By simulating influencing factors and mega trends, businesses discover future market potential and competitive advantages for their industry. Through storytelling, trends and influencing factors are explained in an understandable way and thus contribute to the long-term success of businesses. Whether companies, NGOs or educational institutions, our professional visions of the future can be used in all industries.



Giving back to the community

Success in business creates responsibility. We at keyper are proud to be in a position to be able support various causes.

Andreus Peace Award

A peaceful future is probably one of the desirable goals of all. This requires - in addition to big steps - a lot of small, often very personal steps to get closer to this goal as a society. With the Andreus Peace Award we honor people who - often unnoticed by the public - ensure that problems are solved, disputes are settled and peace is created.


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