Expert solutions for distributed ticket, identity, and permission management

We understand that every business is unique and has its own set of technical requirements. Whether you're looking to optimize your ticketing processes, improve identity and access management, or create a more personalized experience for your partners, sponsors, or VIP clients, we have the expertise and knowledge to make it happen.

Distributed Ticket Management

Focus on the event, not on ticket distribution. keyper lets your Sponsors and Partners manage their own ticketing quotas while you stay in control.

Efficient Ticket Quota Sharing

Create ticket quotas and share it with your sponsors and partners with a click.

Engage Ticket Holders

Send timely and personalised push notifications to your audience to keep them engaged before, during, and after your event.

More than a ticket

Make it easy for your audience to purchase merchandise, or other items directly from your ticket. Use In-Ticket purchases to generate more revenue.


Track and analyze your audience’s behavior and engagement with your ticket.


Use keyper to connect to existing tickting solutions like JetTicket, SAP and extend their functionality.

Automatic Ticket Distribution

Create dynamic ticket quotas to automatically distribute tickets based on individual and team sales performance.


From scheduling to certifying to billing, C19T simplifies and accelerates Covid-19 testing process for test stations, companies and event organizers.

Online appointment booking

Patients book a test appointment online and receive an individual QR code, which they need for check-in and later also for the result.

Check-in on site

Patients register on site with the QR code. This allows you to perform five times as many tests in 10 minutes as with common testing stations.

Digital delivery of test results

Patients receive the test result directly via the individual QR code. A positive test result is automatically reported to the responsible office (BAG, AWS, health office).


Tested patients receive an official certificate, which in turn is stored in their QR code and - in the case of a negative test - serves as an access authorization in public spaces.


C19T keeps a complete record of all tests carried out and automatically shares relevant information with authorities (BAG, AWS, health authorities) for settlement of the costs.

Permission and Identity Management

Delegate smarter and get more done with the keyper distributed permission and identity management suite. Empower your team members to take ownership of tasks and make optimal use of their skills and expertise to make sure that the right person does the job.

Permission Management

Control who has access to resources and services within an organization or venue. Grant and revoke authorizations for the the access specific resources and control who has access to which resources.

Task Delegation

Your team knows best who is right for a job. Let your team members autonomously delegate tasks to the right person with the best skills and expertise.

Identity Management

Manage digital identities across multiple platforms and applications in a distributed manner. Create and maintain user profiles, authorize access to services, applications, venues, track user activity and monitor compliance with security policies.

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