We help our customers organize and manage tests, tasks and tickets in the most efficient way.

Our cutting edge versatile, decentralised and distributed ticket management solutions are used in a wide variety of fields like sports, arts & culture, health care or the hospitality industry.


FC Bayern Munich

As one of the most renown football clubs of the world, FC Bayern is tackling the complex challenge of ticket management with the help of the keyper suite. Passing on tickets to visiting teams, fan clubs and sponsors is a logistical challenge that requires time and effort. With the keyper suite, Bayern is able to streamline the process and control the personalization of tickets and quotas from one central place.

FK Austria Wien

FAK, better known as Austria Wien, has a more than 100 years of rich history. This is transposed into the digital era of today with the keyper suite. The keyper suite offers a fully personalized experience and easy, fast, secure and mobile transfer of any kind of tickets at any time. Sharing unused tickets with friends and family in the most convenient, yet secure way reduces No-shows and generates more revenue at the venue.

FC Basel 1893

The administration of tickets is an important challenge for FC Basel. With a centralized solution like the keyper suite tickets are managed in one place. This reduces the efforts that are needed to handle tickets and the friction for ticket holders. It's possible to easily transfer tickets to sponsors, fan clubs and away teams. The ability to create branded tickets and personalize ticket quotas completes the offer.

Arts & Culture

The Kunsthistorisches Museum

The Kunsthistorisches Museum (KHM) in Vienna is one of the largest and most important museums in the world. Opend by Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria-Hungary in 1891, it was constructed between 1871 and 1891 according to plans by Gottfried Semper and Baron Karl von Hasenauer. Ticket distribution and personalization of tickets, ticket-sharing and quota management are handled by the keyper suite.

Salzburger Festspiele

The Salzburg Festival (German: Salzburger Festspiele) is one of the most prominent anual festivals of music and drama worldwide. For five weeks hunderds of thousands art lovers watch plays like Jedermann (Everyman) by Hugo von Hofmannsthal. The efficient management of tickets is therefore of paramunt importance for the organization to ensure the best possible experience for spectators. Personalization of tickets, ticket-sharing and quota management are handled by the keyper suite to satisfy all customer requirements.

Health Care

Breites Testen Baselland

A cornerpiece of Breiten Testen Baselland strategy to fight COVID is the keyper c19t platform. The platform provides the means for the coordination of COVID tests that businesses, public institutions and organizations run themselves.

TopPharm Apotheken

Thanks to the efficient processing of tests on the c19t platform, toppharm was able to increase their testing capacity to several thousand Covid-19 tests per month. The platform's flexibilty allowed for an efficient roll out in pharmacies and external test centers.


As independent specialized laboratory for molecular biological and microbiological analysis, biolytix uses the c19t platform to manage the testing infrastructure for the canton of Basel.

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