Concerti Corti

Concerti Corti: Cultural festival honors Axel Corti

Renowned Salzburg violinist Benjamin Herzl (*1994) is founding the cross-disciplinary cultural festival Concerti Corti in Flachgau (Salzburg) to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the death and 90th birthday of director and radio artist Axel Corti. The festival, which will take place for the first time from June 09 to 12, 2023, represents an important cultural contribution and honors Corti's multifaceted oeuvre.

In addition to Corti's work, the artistic focus of the first edition will be on Franz Schubert's chamber music, which will run through the entire festival program. Renowned personalities such as Peter Simonischek, Cecily Corti, Friedrich von Thun, the Pavel Haas Quartet and baritone Rafael Fingerlos underscore the high artistic quality of the festival.

The cooperation with the Silent Night Museum Arnsdorf and Das Kino Salzburg, as well as the presentation of Featured Composer Gerald Resch, illustrates the cultural reach of the festival.

As a supporting partner of the festival, keyper is committed to recognizing the importance of culture and artistic diversity. keyper sees its support of Concerti Corti as an excellent opportunity to engage with Austria's cultural heritage and to promote the connection between different art forms and audiences. keyper is pleased to support this important event and to help keep the memory of Axel Corti's remarkable life's work alive.

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