As our world becomes increasingly digitized, protecting our privacy has become more important than ever. That's why keyper is proud to support noyb, the data protection association founded by Austrian lawyer Max Schrems. noyb pursues the idea of targeted and strategic litigation to strengthen the right to privacy.

noyb's approach is unique in that they analyze data privacy violations to identify legal vulnerabilities and then litigate using the best possible strategy and most effective methods to achieve maximum impact. Whether by filing complaints against companies with relevant data protection authorities or taking cases to court, noyb is dedicated to holding companies accountable for data privacy violations and setting precedents that protect individuals' privacy rights.

We believe that targeted and strategic litigation is an effective way to hold companies accountable for data privacy violations. By taking legal action, noyb is not only protecting individuals' privacy rights, but also sending a message to companies that they can't get away with violating data privacy laws.

We also appreciate noyb's commitment to collaboration and partnership. By working with other organizations and resources, noyb is able to maximize the impact of their work and ensure that privacy rights are protected as effectively as possible.

Finally, we believe that supporting noyb is simply the right thing to do. Data privacy is a fundamental human right, and we all have a role to play in protecting it. We encourage everyone to learn more about noyb's work and to join us in supporting this important organization.


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