Future Rocka

FutureRocka is a lecture series designed for young people in lower and upper secondary schools, apprentices, and trainees, as well as anyone accompanying them on their life journey. Led by Ali Mahlodji, the EU Youth Ambassador and inventor of the international career orientation platform Whatchado, this series explores the effects of the global and increasingly digital world of work. The lectures showcase the skills that will be crucial on the job market and how to recognize and promote one's strengths. Additionally, attendees will learn about the importance of values and team spirit in shaping their future, and why lifelong learning is the best way to develop their own personality. 

At keyper, we understand the importance of finding a career that aligns with your values and passions. That's why we are proud to support FutureRocka, which will help young people explore different industries and professions and find work that is fulfilling and meaningful. The lectures highlights that learning is a lifelong process. Attendees will learn why lifelong learning is crucial for personal and professional development, and how to develop a growth mindset that will enable them to continuously improve their skills and knowledge.FutureRocka is an excellent initiative that offers invaluable guidance and inspiration to young people as they navigate the world of work. At keyper, we believe in the power of education, meaning and purpose in work, and community, and we are thrilled to support this important initiative. We encourage all young people to attend the FutureRocka lectures and take advantage of the opportunities to learn, grow, and shape their future.


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