As a startup company, it's crucial to have access to private financing, industry contacts, and relevant knowledge. That's why keyper has joined the Austrian Angel Investors Association (aaai), a network of angel investors dedicated to improving the framework conditions for startup investments and promoting the transfer of relevant know-how.

The aaai understands the value that business angels can bring to young innovative companies. These investors not only provide essential funding, but also bring a wealth of experience and industry connections that can help startups thrive. By networking with other angel investors in the aaai, keyper gains access to a high-quality network of potential investors and partners.

In addition to providing networking opportunities, the aaai also works to improve the political framework conditions for investors and startups. By advocating for policies that strengthen the startup ecosystem, the aaai is helping to create an environment that is more supportive of innovation and entrepreneurship.Through its membership in the aaai, Keyper is able to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and best practices in the startup world. The association offers a variety of educational resources and events that help members stay informed and improve their skills as investors.

Our membership in the aaai reflects our commitment to supporting the startup ecosystem and contributing to the growth of innovative new businesses. We believe that by working together with other investors and entrepreneurs, we can create a brighter future for the Austrian economy and beyond.

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