The goodKARMAticket Experience at Zukunfts.Symposium

The Zukunfts.Symposium 2023 was an event that aimed to illuminate the path to a brighter future with a special emphasis on optimism and love in business. The symposium was scheduled and successfully took place on the 27th and 28th of June 2023, in Eferding, Upper Austria. The overarching questions that drove the symposium were: “How will it continue? How should it continue? And what can we do?” These questions resonated not just with investors and entrepreneurs but also with individuals at every stage of life and career, from workers to students completing their mandatory schooling. As a collective, we all anticipated the future, wondering what it would bring and how we could shape it. The Zukunfts.Symposium encouraged attendees to ask big questions and think widely about the future of humanity and the meaning of being human. It emphasized the need for a new understanding of human nature in business, ensuring that companies were future-ready.

New Business

At the core of the Zukunfts.Symposium’s focus was the concept of “NEW.BUSINESS.” This innovative approach involved a reevaluation of corporate structures and a willingness to experiment with various processes. The Symposium posed critical questions such as “How do you mobilize people?” and “What does entrepreneurship mean today?” These discussions were designed to challenge existing organizational structures and ignite a collective effort from thinkers and doers across regional, national, and international platforms to redefine traditional business practices. The Symposium had a keen interest in exploring concepts like unconditional giving in companies, viewing business as an “infinite game,” and understanding the role of love in the economy.

This spirit of redefinition was exemplified in a tangible way when the Zukunftssymposium tested a innovative ticketing scheme. This strategy blurred the lines between traditional ticketing and the principle of giving, thus making the event accessible to a broader audience. The innovative idea, realized by keyper, a leading ticket distribution platform, was both simple and revolutionary: Instead of charging per ticket, anyone who wanted to attend the event received a free ticket. The twist? They could also buy a ‘goodKARMAticket’.

The goodKARMAticket

The goodKARMAticket is a concept that borrows from the pay-it-forward philosophy. Think of it like buying a coffee for a stranger. The principle is the same. When you purchase a goodKARMAticket, you are not just securing your place at the event; you are also contributing to a chain of generosity, giving someone else the opportunity to attend.

The goodKARMAticket is a manifestation of unconditional giving, a concept deeply rooted in humanistic philosophy and social altruism. It’s an approach that has been implemented before, but perhaps never quite like this. keyper, in collaboration with the Zukunfts.Symposium organizers, pushed the boundaries of what we understand as traditional ticketing.

The Unconditional Giving Approach

So, how does this work in practice? When you receive your free ticket, you’re encouraged to purchase a goodKARMAticket. This act of giving doesn’t just end with you; it creates a chain reaction. The person you’ve indirectly invited through your goodKARMAticket purchase is encouraged to do the same for others. They invite others, who invite more people, and so on. This way, the giving is multiplied, making the event accessible to a broader and diverse audience.

This innovative ticketing scheme was as much a social experiment as it was a practical solution to event access. It tested the bounds of our generosity and highlighted the power of community and collective effort.

Conclusion: A Blueprint for Future Events?

The goodKARMAticket scheme introduced by keyper and the Zukunfts.Symposium organizers brought a fresh perspective to event ticketing. It showed that an altruistic approach could successfully work within a practical framework, opening the door to larger, more inclusive audiences.

This model is a thought-provoking reminder that innovation doesn’t always have to come in the form of technology or sophisticated systems. Sometimes, it’s about revisiting our basic human instincts of giving and sharing. As we move forward, it’s worth considering how this approach could reshape our future events, making them not just spaces for sharing ideas but also platforms for fostering community spirit and collective generosity.

Indeed, the goodKARMAticket model as testament to the power of unconditional giving could be the ticketing revolution we didn’t know we needed.

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